Let's Dive into 2021!


2020 kept the curveballs coming, didn’t it? Like many businesses, the pandemic hit us hard and our revenue loss was dramatic. We aren’t complaining, as our amazing restaurant partners and many small, family businesses went through a much more difficult period - some not surviving at all. If you haven’t owned a business, take it from us, small businesses are rarely built by one person. It takes families, communities and the support of many amazing businesses and hard-working employees to successfully lift a company off the ground. It’s an endurance marathon, more difficult than we could have ever imagined. But with this said, 2020 taught us a lesson on what supporting local, small business truly means, and like you, we were saddened to see so many great companies go.

For Crazy D’s, one of the toughest things was not being able to see and chat with our customers at events, markets and in-store demos. With many happy memories of how we started, our foundation was built outdoors at farmers markets with the support and encouragement of many of you. With this said, we can’t wait until this pandemic is behind us, but we’re working hard to find new ways to communicate and support you all in during this unprecedented time, since it doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Some of these ideas will be coming to fruition quite soon, but until then please send us emails at any time as we can’t get enough of your feedback, whether good or bad, along with your suggestions on how we can improve our experience for you. You’re all a special part of Crazy D’s! We work for you.



We heard you! After countless events in front of well over 50,000 people (thanks for listening to D’s rants btw!), we understood that you loved the product. We understood that our price point wasn’t always ideal. We understood we couldn’t make Crazy D’s accessible for everyone because it was difficult to ship. So after a combined 16 months with scientists since the company’s humble beginnings and countless hours of tweaking and experimenting in D’s lab, we’ve optimized our recipes, upgraded our suppliers after exhaustive and expansive global searches, and created new versions of the drinks which we’re quite proud of.  The testimonials and positive feedback has been humbling.

Here is some exciting news!

  • The drinks boast a caloric reduction ranging from 35% - 45% decrease from the original recipe.
  • Each drink now has 3 different types of prebiotic fibres, therefore feeding a greater range of probiotics in your gut flora.
  • Diabetics have been testing the new beverages with no glycemic spikes to report.
  • The beverages originally retailed for $4.99 at launch, but NOW retail for $3.49 with sales up to 20% off. Some stores are retailing for as low as $3.19.
  • After a 1-year creative brand overhaul, we’ve switched to aluminum cans so we can finally ship directly to your door, and we’re currently offering free shipping on orders of $60.00 or more!
  • We’re proud the aluminum cans offer a better carbon footprint and higher recycling rate then the glass bottles.
  • And most excitingly? The overwhelming majority of customers prefer the new taste!



It was a tumultuous year at best and some of the reasons had nothing to do with the pandemic, but when our delayed re-launch FINALLY happened, you were there to support us, and we couldn’t be more grateful!



We’re so excited to announce you can now find the new cans at Organic Garage, Whole Foods, Goodness Me, Metro (34 GTA locations), Sobeys (13 stores), Foodland (6), Bruno’s, Cousins, McEwan’s, Ambrosia, Big Carrot, Raise the Root and soon to launch on Well.ca! Check our store locator on our website to find a location near you, it’s updated monthly as we continue to grow! Check your nearest store here!



We’re reaching far and wide across Canada! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of a healthy gut! You can now find us in beautiful British Columbia at Bruce’s Country Market, The Market on Yates, and Willow and Orchid Boutique and Floral Design. That’s just the start and we’re working hard to make it easy for you to find us. If you’d like to request a store to sell Crazy D’s, please let us know!



That’s right, we’re now available in Riverside Grocery in the Yukon Territories. Whitehorse will never be the same!



We all love a good deal! Get Crazy D’s at a crazy good price of $2.99/can at Metro, and 20% off at our Sobeys & Foodland locations until January 28th. This sale is also available via our online store - grab a saving today! 

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Crazy D's



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