Our Customers

Our customers are just raving about our guilt-free prebiotic soda! Here’s what they have to say:​

"@crazydlabs was my stand out vendor at @tastetoronto because he answered to a need that we never answered properly in the food industry. He made a soda with #prebiotics... no fake sugars just quality fruits and roots. As a food scientist and product developer, this beverage is it. We don't have to only drink water... we can enjoy tastes of our childhood in the healthiest way possible.” - Taymer M., Food Scientist & Cookbook Author (Via Instagram)​​

"This was a super refreshing way to beat the heat today! @crazydlabs makes prebiotic sodas that are seriously the CLEANEST sodas out there without ANY sugar!!! PREbiotics feed your gut bacteria (while PRObiotics replenish/add to your gut bacteria). Think of prebiotics like the fertilizer to your gut bacteria garden, and probiotics are the plants. 😉” - Megan H., Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Via Instagram)

When Darren Portelli (@crazydlabs ) realized the impact sugar was having on his mental health, he began experimenting with different ways to create a “healthy” pop... and gosh darn, he did it well. ✨⠀⠀
Not only did he make a fun, sugar-free beverage but he actually made it using the prebiotic root vegetable, yacon.🙌🏻 You can drink this delicious soda to increase digestion, feed friendly bacteria that reduce inflammation and promote better mood and brain function.💓 Thanks Crazy D!🙏🏻 - Chloe F., Nutritionist (Via Instagram)

“I have been searching for a healthy soda option for years and was so relieved when I tried Crazy D's at the Toronto Green Living Show. Other 'healthy alternatives' taste so artificial sweetener-y, but Crazy D's tastes delicious, light and refreshing. It doesn't make me feel guilty after drinking it, and I love the flavour. My favourite flavour (so far) is 'Thrilla in Vanilla'. It is definitely going to be my go-to refreshment for the summer - I may try it with a little gin or rum 😉. I look forward to ordering some other flavour's on my next order!” - Kat Lila Marie (Via Facebook)

“Amazing drinks! without high sugar! Thanks for getting me to try them...Beaches Art and Crafts...You noticed I didn't want to try at first and you guessed great to find this!! Loved the ginger one and the vanilla...Hope to see them at the Big Carrot one day!!” - Kathryn M. (Via Facebook)

Wow .. that was even better than I imagined. We learned about your product on display at Goodness Me! Burlington. I have to laugh, my daughter didn't want a sample when we were there, and now we are fighting over who gets to drink more! We took home the Lemon and the Ginger options. Both were refreshing without all the sugar. - Darcie P. (Via Facebook)

“Loved these sodas and I don't like pop or fizzy drinks! Great product - keep up the good work!” - Pauline C. (Via Facebook)

“Very interesting and different taste sensations, not what I expected, but better!” - Tim K. (Via Facebook)

“These are so tasty...and a healthy soda?! I'm Already Addicted” - Aggie T. (Via Facebook)

“The drinks taste fantastic. They are delicious, and they don’t make you feel gross after. Highly recommended!!!!” - Martina R. (Via Facebook)

"Not just a fun name, this stuff tastes amazing and is super good for you. So happy to stumble across the booth at the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show today!” - Lisa D. (Via Instagram)