Our Customers

Our customers are just raving about our guilt-free prebiotic soda! Here’s what they have to say:​

"@crazydlabs was my stand out vendor at @tastetoronto because he answered to a need that we never answered properly in the food industry. He made a soda with #prebiotics... no fake sugars just quality fruits and roots. As a food scientist and product developer, this beverage is it. We don't have to only drink water... we can enjoy tastes of our childhood in the healthiest way possible.” - Taymer M., Food Scientist & Cookbook Author (Via Instagram)​​

"This was a super refreshing way to beat the heat today! @crazydlabs makes prebiotic sodas that are seriously the CLEANEST sodas out there without ANY sugar!!! PREbiotics feed your gut bacteria (while PRObiotics replenish/add to your gut bacteria). Think of prebiotics like the fertilizer to your gut bacteria garden, and probiotics are the plants. 😉” - Megan H., Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Via Instagram)

“I have been searching for a healthy soda option for years and was so relieved when I tried Crazy D's at the Toronto Green Living Show. Other 'healthy alternatives' taste so artificial sweetener-y, but Crazy D's tastes delicious, light and refreshing. It doesn't make me feel guilty after drinking it, and I love the flavour. My favourite flavour (so far) is 'Thrilla in Vanilla'. It is definitely going to be my go-to refreshment for the summer - I may try it with a little gin or rum 😉. I look forward to ordering some other flavour's on my next order!” - Kat Lila Marie (Via Facebook)

“Amazing drinks! without high sugar! Thanks for getting me to try them...Beaches Art and Crafts...You noticed I didn't want to try at first and you guessed great to find this!! Loved the ginger one and the vanilla...Hope to see them at the Big Carrot one day!!” - Kathryn M. (Via Facebook)

“Loved these sodas and I don't like pop or fizzy drinks! Great product - keep up the good work!” - Pauline C. (Via Facebook)

“Very interesting and different taste sensations, not what I expected, but better!” - Tim K. (Via Facebook)

“These are so tasty...and a healthy soda?! I'm Already Addicted” - Aggie T. (Via Facebook)

“The drinks taste fantastic. They are delicious, and they don’t make you feel gross after. Highly recommended!!!!” - Martina R. (Via Facebook)

"Not just a fun name, this stuff tastes amazing and is super good for you. So happy to stumble across the booth at the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show today!” - Lisa D. (Via Instagram)