Prebiotic Soda Syrups

Prebiotic Soda Syrups (355ml)

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Now you can make your favorite Crazy D sodas at home!

Choose from:

  • Ginga' Kick
  • Rockin' Rolla Cherry Cola
  • Twisted Citrus 

By using our syrups you're not only doing your body a favour, but the planet too, by reducing excess bottles and waste. Just use your own soda water, add Crazy D's Soda Syrup and you're set to go.

For every ounce of syrup add 5 oz. of soda water. Each 355 ml bottle contains enough syrup for approximately 12 drinks (6 oz portions).

Crazy D's makes all natural soda syrups that taste great and are crazy good for you! Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada, our sodas are packed with awesome flavors made from real ingredients. That means NO added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or chemical preservatives!

In fact, Crazy D's special blend of natural ingredients means you have a prebiotic sweetener that is for good gut health, low in sugar and calories.

They have the classic soda taste that you can feel good about enjoying with your friends and family on any occasion.

Note: Syrup bottles may vary from pictures shown.