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Pick Your Fav or Mix & Match

Choose from Crazy D's nostalgic soda flavours with the feel-good gut-healthy magic of natural prebiotics.
  • 8g of Prebiotics

  • No Refined Sugar

  • Nothing Artificial

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No Added Sugar
35 Calories
Caffeine Free
8g Prebiotic Fibre
35 Calories
Caffeine Free
8g Prebiotic Fibre
No Added Sugar

Packed With Natural Prebiotic Fibre

This is a Functional Soda that actually improves your digestive health! Feeding your good gut bacteria and improving nutrient absorption.

Simple Botanical Ingredients, Nothing Else

Crazy Ds Prebiotics are a form of soluble fibre found primarily in plant material. 

Once consumed, they pass through the stomach largely undigested and make their way intact to the large intestine. 

There they undergo fermentation, which lowers the body’s pH and supports the growth of good bacteria (aka: probiotics!)

With no added sugar, this prebiotic magic can do its work best, all the while helping your body weight management, blood sugar stability and energy production.

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Reducing Our Footprint

You want to feel good about your product choices.  So do we, by making every effort to reduce our environmental impact by manufacturing products as responsibly as possible.

We are partnered with 1% For The Planet, a leading global nonprofit dedicated to building a healthier planet and have committed to donating 1% of our annual sales toward tackling the planet’s most pressing and urgent environmental issues.

Using 100% plastic free and completely recyclable cans, and packaging with fully biodegradable 4-pack and 6-pack eco rings & recyclable kraft boxes to ensure we are reducing the amount of waste when we get our products to you!

- Carbon Neutral Shipping

- Products secured in recyclable Kraft boxes with compostable alpine threads

Sourcing fully organic and non-gmo ingredients, our pulps from the organic lemon, lime and ginger juices used in the soda recipes are repurposed to make food bi-products, achieving zero food waste in the production process.

We offer Crazy D’s soda-concentrates which are made for Sodastream users to reduce overall carbon footprint during shipping, minimize packaging while offering a fully reusable, returnable and/or recyclable option.

Our Commitment To The Planet

Crazy D’s has been passionate about taking care of the planet since its inception, recognizing how damaging the environmental footprint can be in the beverage industry.

Massive amounts of plastic waste are produced yearly. Crazy D’s has devoted itself to reducing our environmental impact by manufacturing products as responsibly as possible.

By donating 1% of our annual sales, Crazy D’s contributes to the $275 million that has supported approved environmental nonprofits around the globe

Crazy D's Customer Praises

  • “As a Gut Health Nutritionist, I love the idea of a Soda alternative that is actually good for the Gut. Crazy D's will forever be a staple in my house. Seriously delicious!”

    Emily D. (@eatingwithemily__)
  • “As a self proclaimed soda-a-holic, this is such an amazing healthier alternative to sodas on the market. They taste delicious, are Canadian made (woo-hoo) and I can feel good about what I’m putting into my body!”

    Alex R. (@lexiehairdontcare)
  • “Crazy D’s impressive line of classic flavours are a dream come true for anyone on the keto diet or looking for a healthier drink alternative.”

    Laura B. (@brwnbutterbae)
  • “I’ve been waiting for a beverage like this FOREVER! Now that I’ve tried all 3 flavours I can’t get enough. Subtly sweet with all the health benefits a sparkling drink can offer. The perfect alternative to a soda! Addictively good!”

    Paula Gn (@paulagiancroce)
  • “Guilty free refreshing bubbles! A perfect healthy summer drink choice ”

    Chanho K (
  • “This company preaches the "fibre fueled" lifestyle as it creates natural energy (from within) without the caffeine. The prebiotic fibre feeds your probiotics and the bi-product is postbiotics which help your body properly metabolize carbs and fats. With no added sugars it is easy to respect the choice of ingredients.”

    Kina Smith (@eattoworkout/@fitbykina)
  • “So happy I came across this product, it’s super delicious, refreshing for the summertime AND jam packed with goodness for your belly - win win! ”

    Sarah P. (@sarahpasha)
  • “The cherry cola is hands down my absolute favourite, I really love the flavour and I’m pretty much addicted to it now.”

    Nathalie C. (@natty_croz)
  • “From their packaging to ingredients, you can tell Crazy D’s was built with a lotta love for their environment and community, and most importantly without any compromises.”

    Britt B. (@brittbergmeister/@ondutycitizen)
  • “I absolutely love the Ginga’ Kick sparkling prebiotic, it’s the perfect pick-me-up when your gut isn’t feeling it’s best. Packed with prebiotic fibre and a refreshing bubbly taste, what’s not to love? I would recommend Crazy D’s to anyone looking to keep their microbiome happy and healthy! ”

    Sam B. (@smbtchr)
  • “Had the chance to sample all of their flavours. Usually not a fan of most health drinks taste wise. But loved the taste on all of these. Highly recommend. Ginga kick was my favorite.”

    David P (@david_pinard)