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D's Digest

  • Crazy D's Holiday Gift Guide

    Crazy D's Holiday Gift Guide

    When you envision the holiday season, we bet your imagination abounds with the typical Christmas fantasy scenes. You know, twinkling lights, freshly fallen snow, sleigh-bells jingling, carols sung by the fire...well, you get it.  However, if you're anything like us,...

  • 10 Amazing Facts About Your Gut

    10 Amazing Facts About Your Gut

    Your gut is a powerhouse of functionality within your body, but one that is often overlooked. That's all about to change!
  • Controlling Cholesterol

    Controlling Cholesterol

    With all the numbers you remember each day — your ATM pin, your email password and your sets and reps in the gym — you might feel like your brain doesn’t have room for any more digits.
  • Pre-Diabetes: Are You At Risk?

    Pre-Diabetes: Are You At Risk?

    Think you’re too fit or healthy to get diabetes? Truth is, you may actually be at risk for pre-diabetes and not even know it.
  • Healthy Gut Secrets

    Healthy Gut Secrets

    Natural relief for IBS and more.
  • Cultivate A Healthy Microbiome

    Cultivate A Healthy Microbiome

    Gastroenterologist Dr. Marvin Singh, founder of the California-based Precisione Clinic, dishes advice on how to keep your “second brain” in tip-top shape.