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  • Twisted Citrus Prebiotic Soda - 12 Pack
  • Twisted Citrus Prebiotic Soda - 12 Pack
  • Person holding a Crazy D's Twisted Citrus Sparkling Prebiotic Soda.

Twisted Citrus Prebiotic Soda - 12 Pack

With 8g of prebiotic fibre, and 5g of naturally occurring sugar this powerhouse gut-healthy soda's packed with organic yacon root nectar, chicory root extract, baobab fruit pulp, lemon and lime juices and camu camu berry!  Try it — your gut will be glad you did: ) 

*Now in plastic free, 100% recyclable, net carbon neutral cans.

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  • 8g Prebiotic Fibre
  • No refined sugar
  • Nothing Added
  • Easy Returns

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Crazy D's ingredients: cherry, ginger, lemon, lime, yacon root

What's Inside?

Sparkling Water. Yacon Root Syrup* (Contains FOS**), Chicory Root Extract (Oligofructose**), Juices* (Lime*, Lemon'*). Baobab Fruit Pulp* (Contains Pectin**), Camu Camu Berry Powder*, Extracts* (Lime*, Lemon*), Sodium Bicarbonate

* Certified organic ingredients
** FOS/Fructooligosaccharides and Oligofructose are indigestible carbohydrates which stimulate the growth of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria and can increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium. Learn More