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Rockin' Rolla Cherry Cola

Sparkling Prebiotic

Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola is sure to bring back memories of your favourite childhood drink. For this sophisticated flavour, we went back to the roots of traditional soda with simple, straight-forward ingredients: organic juices combined with a bouquet of fresh, plant-based botanical spices, concocted to treat your palate and your gut. Now in plastic free, 100% recyclable, net carbon neutral cans.

 This sparkling healthy drink is effervescent and light with 8g of prebiotic fibre and only 5g of naturally-occurring sugars and 45 calories per can. Treat yourself to the botanically correct Cherry Cola — it’s all you need to get rockin’! One sip is all it takes to taste the goodness, but trust us — you’ll want more!


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Organic ingredients.

No added sugar.

No artificial flavours.

No artificial colours.

No preservatives.

No caffeine.

No sugar alcohols.

No stevia.

Keto friendly.



Made in Canada

Key Features

45 Calories No Added Sugar 8g Prebiotic Fibre Non-GMO Vegan Paleo

What's Inside?

Carbonated Water,Yacon Root Syrup*(Containing FOS**), Chicory Root Extract (Containing FOS**), Lime Juice*, Cherry Juice*, Lemon Juice*, Acacia Fibre* (Prebiotic), Extracts* (Orange*, Bergamot*, Nutmeg*, Cinnamon*), Flavours*

Ginga' Kick Ingredients

* certified organic ingredients

**FOS/Fructooligosaccharides and Oligofructose are indigestible carbohydrates which stimulate the growth of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria and can increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium. Learn More

The Breakdown

Rockin’ Rolla Cherry Cola
355 ml

  • 45 Calories
  • 8g Fibre* (29% of Daily Value)
  • 5g of Naturally Occurring Sugars

* This isn't just any fibre, this is FOS/Fructooligosaccharides and Oligofructose! Indigestible carbohydrates that simulate the growth of beneficial (probiotic) bacteria and can increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium.

8 grams of amazing fibre that are so important in our diets and most Canadians don't get close to enough. This fibre comes from Yacon Root, Chicory Root and Acacia Fibre. This diversity of fibres is added to increase the range of probiotic bacteria being fed.